Collector's Gallery

This gallery contains custom orders and paintings in private collections.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a custom order request, or any questions. 

Monty & Mango finished portrait.JPEG

This is a custom portrait that I painted for one of my long term customers. This is her son Monty and his first horse Mango. The portrait is stylized and reminiscent of vintage western illustration. It is painted with artist quality acrylic gouache and colored pencils.


This is a custom mural that I painted for Dr. Alyx Iared and Dr. Fabio Iared for their Clovis, CA .office.  The painting is an imaginary ranch that I made up that contains all of their favorite things.  Their kids and dogs are running together in the middle ground.


This is a custom painting that I made for a client to give to her freind of her actual ranch.  It was a surprise gift.  It contains her favorite horses, her dogs, and her father on the tractor.  A dove on the fence post represents her mother.


The Real Deal~ acrylic gouache on illustration board. Private collection


Terra Bella Farm~ acrylic on wood platter. Private collection.

7b00a774abd5c87fea6177fcb8cbab56 (2).jpg

All Tacked Up~ acrylic on 1/4 inch pine board.  Private collection

arabian farm.jpg

Arabian Farm~ acrylic on 1/4 inch pine board. Private collection.


Vinnie and Cat~ acrylic gouache on wood.  Private collection.